About Dine Drink Travel

Dine Drink Travel is an outgrowth of the John Brawley Tophat West Texas Bourbon Society. The Society, by extension, is a bunch of married guys who desperately need to get out of the house more often. Anyway, we created this blog to catalog our travels and hope it will be useful to many of you.

The principal editor of the site is Texan Abroad. He is a guy with an ordinary office job who used to work abroad and still likes to get in an airplane, or cruise ship, or whatever mode of conveyance, and go to new places. He also thinks that writing about himself in the third person isn’t healthy, so he is now going to start saying “I.” I travel a lot for work and as often as I can for pleasure, and I am going to write here the things I tend to look for when I travel. I will also write a lot about the restaurants in Odessa and Midland, Texas, because I live in the area and that is where my family and I eat.

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