United domestic first class meal experience

My United domestic first class meal from IAH to DCA featured a chicken pot pie.
My United domestic first class meal from IAH to DCA featured a chicken pot pie.

I was in domestic first class on United twice recently. On October 31, I flew from IAH to DCA in seat 2A on an A319, and on November 2 I was in seat 2A on a Boeing 737-700 for the return from DCA to IAH. Both planes had wifi which was $5.99 for the duration of the trip, although I also had the option of paying something like 810 United miles. The big advantage of the Boeing was that there was a personal screen at each seat with Direct TV, which is free in first class. It is also available gate to gate unless someone is making an announcement at the time. Sadly, the news channels featured the same depressing content that they do on the ground and there wasn’t an interesting game on at the time. C’est la vie, or something like that.

By the way, if you don’t have TSA Pre-Check yet you should do that. Even if you only fly once or twice a year. If you fly as often as the members of the John Brawley Tophat Bourbon Society, it is a virtual requirement.

On the first flight, there was a salad with chicken or a chicken pot pie on offer. One of the things I don’t like about flying United is that they take orders in descending order of frequent flyer status. That means that those of us who simply paid out of pocket for the ticket are left with whatever is left. That means I got the chicken pot pie, a picture of which is above. The plate also featured a vegetable medley, some grapes, a roll, and a salad which was actually pretty good.

Both flights offered a hot chocolate chocolate chip cookie and were scheduled as lunch flight despite leaving between 1 and 2. One of the things United does quite well is whiskey; I was able to have Buffalo Trace. That is the same juice as Eagle Rare. It is aged differently and I certainly prefer the Eagle Rare, although it was an excellent choice for a domestic flight.

The flight back featured a cheeseburger served with a salad. It is hard to pull off a cheeseburger at 35,000 feet, although they did a fairly good job. Both flights were pleasant. I would rather have the Direct TV option, although with wifi and me needing to work that didn’t matter all that much. I am glad I paid the extra money to be comfortable for the flight.

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