Pre-order the Japanese meal on American Airlines business class to Tokyo

Howdy, folks. Many of you already know that if you have a business or first class ticket on American Airlines— or if you get upgraded at least 24 hours in advance– you can log in and select your meals. That is a fun option for those of us who like to anticipate trips, and it is a necessary one for folks who have religious or dietary restrictions. My purpose here is to briefly review how to do that for anyone who doesn’t already know. Second, I want to let everybody know what the business class menu choices are on flight AA 175 from DFW to NRT.

The process itself is pretty simple. Go to American’s web page, find your reservation, and about halfway down the same page where you would change seats or update your passenger information you will see a link which allows you to reserve your meal. This opens 30 days before the flight, and it closes 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. If you don’t make a choice, you still get fed on the plane. However, you run the risk that they will be out of your preferred entree. You also can’t order special items like the Japanese meal, diabetic meal, or meals which comply with religious restrictions. There is no cost to reserve your meal in advance, and it is certainly the way I would do things. Or, more to the point, the way I did things. I also made a short video describing the options.

I also have static photos below which show what the menu choices are. Normally in domestic first class, there are two menu choices. On this flight, there are four– grilled yellowtail, miso glazed sea bass, a beef filet, and a cheese pasta:

Main entree choices on AA 175 from DFW to NRT in business class. On a domestic flight, there are normally two options here.

Because of the length of this flight, however, there are a number of additional choices available.

Special menu choices since this is a long-hail flight. The Japanese meal is reputed to be pretty good, so I went with that. Obviously, I will let you know how that goes.
The final lunch choices on this flight.

There were a couple of odd things. Most interesting to me is that there are at least two meal services on this flight, and there was no option to pre-order the second meal. I would also love to see some sort of visual display of what it was I was ordering. These, of course, are first world problems. I was glad to have the choices, and it was easy to do. A full trip report will follow after I take the flight.

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