Volcano Restaurant in Odessa

Volcano (formerly Wokcano) is my go-to spot for sushi in the Petroplex. I normally go to the location on 42nd Street in Odessa, although there is now a Midland branch as well. I ate there today with the Mrs. and another couple, and as always the entrees were spot on.

There are several dishes I enjoy there– the Udon noodles are good, and the soups tend to be pretty decent. Mei fun noodles are also good. However, today was all about sushi rolls. This is a much better deal at lunch than at dinner given the specials, and today I went for the three rolls with a hot and sour soup for $11.99.

California roll, shrimp tempura roll, and chicken tempura roll

One of the nice things about this place is that they always try hard to make their food look nice. Today that meant drawings of cartoon characters, although sometimes it means flowers or other types of arrangements directly on the plate. I go because the food is good, but it is always nice to see that extra effort. My wife enjoyed the sweet potato roll and spicy tuna roll with wonton soup.

Sweet potato roll and spicy tuna roll

One of the other folks with whom we dined enjoyed this plate, although I am not sure what the last vegetable roll was:

California roll, shrimp tempura roll, and vegetable roll

If you are eating with folks who don’t care for sushi and sashimi, this place still presents a pretty reasonable choice. They make lots of noodles and rice, and there are even a few Chinese entrees. While that seems out of place at a Japanese restaurant, I have enjoyed the ones I have sampled. This is a nice spot to dine in the Petroplex, and I hope it survives our current economic downturn.

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