Midland Odessa International Airport MAF

My home airport is the Midland Odessa International Airport. The “International” part has always confused me, although I suppose they might receive some private traffic from Mexico or Canada. The airport also wishes to be a spaceport, which is not immediately relevant to my travel needs. However, it is a fantastic regional airport and a great place to start or end a flight. See this short video if you want a walk through of the available facilities.

MAF has regular service on American, United, and Southwest, and each of those airlines offers several flights a day depending on the season. United offers nonstop service to Denver and Houston, American offers nonstops to Phoenix and Dallas, and Southwest offers flights to Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, and occasionally other spots. Parking and picking up a rental car are both incredibly convenient. American and United both fly regional jets, although most of the jets American flies are the slightly larger ones which offer first class cabins.

The only real drawback of this airport is that….. baggage…. is….. painfully…. slow. Their appears to be one crew working all flights, so if two or three flights get in at once it can take a very long time to get your bags. However, the pluses of the airport outweigh that by far. There is plenty of seating, including quiet nooks. There are lots and lots of places to charge electronic gadgets. The restaurant actually serves nice breakfast tacos and a hamburger I would be willing to eat on the street. The airport store also has everything I seem to always forget when boarding a flight. There aren’t a lot of choices for restaurants and stores and such, but you can get what you need and the convenience is incredible. It is just easy to accomplish what you need to at this airport.

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