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Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I am in San Angelo, Texas, this weekend for a family event. I needed a place to eat that would be fairly easy, and I was torn between one of my old standards and trying something new. I wound up at something new, and Indian Cuisine Taste of the Himalayas did not disappoint. You should definitely check it out.This restaurant has a buffet every day at lunch, and they also have a dinner buffet on Friday and Saturday. You can order from the menu, as well, but I was hungry, in a hurry, and didn’t know what they were best at- that resulted in a fairly quick decision to order from the buffet. The hostess was immediately there to ask what I wanted to drink and whether I wanted a menu. I asked for some hot black tea (tonight is the first night of the year below freezing), and they did not have any. They did, however, have what she called “Indian tea.” It wound up being a chai, and I had two exquisite cups.

The buffet had more choices than I could reasonably try, although I certainly gave it my best shot. There were a couple of oddities– they had a couple of vaguely Chinese dishes such as egg rolls, and the main buffet had both Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. While those two dishes were hard for me to distinguish, they were both excellent. Also good were the chili chicken (chicken in a spicy dry rub), saag paneer, curried okra, curried mushrooms, naan, chicken biryani, a couple of other things, and, of course, the Alka Seltzer I will be enjoying later. Reading that list makes me less happy with the quantity I ate.

I did not try several of the other dishes- goat, for example, is not my favorite unless it is pulled directly out of a pit in the ground as I am holding a cold beer. However, the place had a real feeling of autheticity. Two different women in saris, each of whom looked for all the world like someone’s favored aunt or grandmother, came out to refresh dishes on the buffet. I paid about $16 inclusive of dinner buffet, two cups of chai, and tax. It was a great experience, and I look forward to my next chance to go back.

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