Grand Hyatt DFW runway view king room

Sometimes it is worth it to spend extra money to get a better product. While it isn’t perfect, the Grand Hyatt DFW is easily the best place to stay if you have to overnight at DFW airport. I made videos for several sections of this trip which I will link below, and there are of course lots of still photos. Let’s walk through what my stay looked like.The start of this stay was not auspicious. The concierge (who works hard to reach out to guests in advance) offered me a terminal assist, which meant a driver would meet me and help me get to the hotel. That was great, because I had to leave the secure area of the airport to collect my luggage. With carry-on only luggage, this wouldn’t be a problem- simply ride the terminal train to Terminal D. With the luggage, however, it would otherwise have meant waiting outside in the cold for the Terminal Link bus. Except…. the service did not come inside to help with the luggage, and the car was not allowed to stop outside, so I still had to wait in the cold anyway. Once I connected with the driver, however, we quickly got to the hotel and the driver turned bellman and got the bags to my room. Awesome.

Check-in proceeded smoothly, and the lobby is nice- the concierge desk is always staffed, they kept out cookies and hot chocolate, and it never seemed crowded. They had also decorated for the holidays. I prepared a short video describing the facilities on the first floor as well as the location of the hotel in DFW Terminal D.

Christmas tree in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt DFW.

After checking in, I quickly made my way up to the room. The Hyatt has clearly invested considerable money into making this a top notch property, and it showed in the fixtures, quality of the bedding, etc. I did a quick video walk-through of the room, but several things stood out to me:

  • The bedding was incredibly soft.
  • The fixtures were nice.
  • The electric plugs were easy to find and plentiful.
  • It took a minute to figure out how to work the lights in the entryway- they were on a high tech panel, and I kept turning on and off more lights than I intended.
  • Ask for the runway view king room. It is fascinating to just sit there and watch the planes come and go.
Bathroom in the Grand Hyatt DFW. Shower was apart from the sink, and I couldn’t fit the whole room in one shot.
Bed in the Grand Hyatt DFW. The bedding was incredibly soft.

Later in the afternoon, I made my way up to the spa on the 9th floor. The spa isn’t the same quality as a destination spa– that isn’t what this hotel is set up to do. However, it is still a great facility for overnight guests or travelers in a hurry. I also had a great aromatherapy massage. The 9th floor also includes probably the nicest hotel gym I have seen as well as a rooftop pool with plenty of seating for enjoying airport views. I kept making separate videos on this trip to make it easier for folks to find what they were looking for, and the video of the facilities on the 9th floor is here. Below are several still shots from this area:

Pool on the 9th floor of the Grand Hyatt DFW. There were several tables and chairs available.
The gym had plenty of cardio and weight equipment, as well as towels and a nice locker room.
Steam room in the men’s locker room. The area was very well equipped but empty the entire time I was there.

Later, I went down to the bar and had a cocktail while waiting for a buddy to show up for dinner. It was too pricey, but there was excellent service and a great selection. We then had dinner at the primary restaurant (the Grand Met), and it didn’t seem like they had quite enough staff for the number of guests they had. However, while the food was pricey it was not too expensive for what I got- a pork belly appetizer along with a beef short rib entree. That was amazing.

The next morning, the real payoff of staying in this hotel came. I called downstairs to check out, took the elevator directly to the terminal, and walked a short bit to check in for my international flight. I am pleased with my decision to stay at this hotel.

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