Westin Nusa Dua pool and public areas

Last week I spent three fantastic nights at the Westin Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia. I have already written about my room, and I always try to break up my reviews so they focus on the information you are looking for. Today I am writing about the pool, beach, and public areas, and I will write about the spa as soon as I can.

I put together a decent video walk-through of the public areas, although rainfall caused some background noise and my fat thumb kept deciding that it really desperately needed to be in front of the camera. Still, it is useful for getting an overall sense of the place. To me two things stand out in the public areas: Great beach access the the rich traditions of this predominantly Hindu island in the middle of a predominately Muslim country. You cannot truly gain a sense of the complex country Indonesia is without understanding the interplay between Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity, and the Hindu traditions of this island play out in the public spaces. There is even a Hindu temple on the grounds. I tried very hard to respect those grounds, but I did take a picture of a walkway on the side of the hotel which incorporates some of those architectural elements into the lamps. This particular view is looking back from the beach at the side of the hotel:

Side pathway at the Westin Nusa Dua Bali looking back from the beach.

What is really nice, though, is what happens once you get to the beach. The views are gorgeous, they have plenty of chairs, and bar service was reasonably fast. There are vendors on the beach trying to earn a living from selling you stuff, although they generally left folks alone when that is what the guests wanted. I actually looked at the vendors as an opportunity and went on two jet ski rides. Below are two shots of the beach: One from the pool area of the hotel, and one from the Ikan restaurant.

Westin Nusa Dua beach taken from the pool area.
View of the beach from Ikan restaurant. It is pricey, but the food is good and the view is spectacular.

For those not inclined to swim in salt water, the hotel has several pools. Below is a shot of the main pool, although there is also a kid’s pool as well as a quiet pool in the premium wing of the hotel. As far as I can tell, that pool is available to all hotel guests. The main pool has a swim up bar, and there is another regular bar just off to the side by Ikan restaurant and the beach.

View of the main pool area at the Westin Nusa Dua. This photo was taken from near the beach looking back at the hotel.

My favorite space in the hotel was the spa, and I will try to post about that over the next day or two. However, the public areas were great. The only real drawback was the prices in the restaurants, but even there I enjoyed the food very much. There were also easy options to walk off property to eat if you so decided. This is an excellent choice for hotels in the area.

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