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The entire island of Bali is IN to spas. It is their thing. You can get 30 minutes of foot reflexology at the Denpasar airport in the domestic terminal for about 11 U.S. dollars, the Bali Collection mall had about a dozen (completely legitimate) massage parlors, and even collections of street vendors will have a massage therapist in their midst. None of this is at all seedy- it is simply what the island does. Amidst all of these options, it is hard to imagine a spa that does its work much better than that at the Westin Nusa Dua.

I am biased, of course. I was a guest of the property, and that made it really easy to get to the spa. That said, it was also really easy to get to all of the other ones. What set this place apart is everything else that goes with the experience– a wider range of treatments, excellent thermal facilities for relaxation, ginger tea while you are waiting, and healthy(ish) snacks after you have worked up an appetite from being on the table for three hours. Two hours and forty five minutes at a stretch, to be exact in my case.

Happily, this was all at what seems like an excellent price for an American spa goer. My package was 2,000,000 rupiah, although I got a 15% discount for booking in advance. That meant my bill was 1,700,000 rupiah, which works out to about 128 US dollars. I have paid more than that for 50 minutes of Swedish massage at a nice hotel. Here it got a scrub, a mask, and a hot stone massage.

So, in terms of “know before you go,” don’t even think about making a joke with any sexual innuendo in it at all. Its not that kind of thing, and I suspect that Indonesian prisons are not particularly pleasant places. They also require you to wear these weird disposable underwear for the sake of modesty, although that doesn’t interfere with the treatment at all.

The spa does require a bit of a hike from the main body of the hotel, and I posted a video which describes how to get there while also giving some helpful visuals. I have also included some still photos below of the thermal facilities for relaxation before and after. Who knew you could improve on a day at the beach?

Locker room and changing area.
Steam room and dry sauna. The steam room was consistently hot, and the dry sauna featured pink Himalayan salt crystals.
Hot tub and cold plunge pool. The hot tub was very large and extremely warm.
View to the back of the men’s relaxation area.



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