Garuda Indonesia Lounge Bali airport domestic terminal review

So I have been through some fairly sketchy places in my life- Abuja, Lagos, and Managua seem to stand out. For some reason, I was expecting pretty much the same thing when I went through the domestic terminal in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (DPS) recently. I was happily quite mistaken– it is an excellent modern terminal with everything I could want while preparing for a flight.

I went through this terminal twice, although once was very brief on an arriving flight. Just then, I was quite anxious to get to the beach as quickly as possible. Even on the arrival, however, several things stood out- the exchange rate at the money changers was fair, the terminal was clean, and signs were quite clearly marked in English. I had no problem figuring out where to go or what to do after arriving on a domestic flight from Jakarta. However, it was on my return flight to Jakarta that this airport truly shined. On arrival, you must present proof of having a flight then have your baggage and person screened. You then check in. I was flying Garuda Indonesia in business class and went to the business class check-in counter before I noticed this private check-in counter for premium cabin customers:

Garuda Indonesia premium check-in counter at the Bali Denpasar (DPS) domestic terminal. There are also premium lanes at the regular check in.

There was another security area after that, and then you had to walk through shops before reaching the gates. Most of the shops were high-end souvenir places, although at various places in the terminal they also had routine travel stores, a refloxology massage place, and other services.

Shopping area in the Bali airport domestic terminal.
Bali domestic lounge for premium credit card customers and airlines other than Garuda Indonesia.
Reading area in the Bali airport domestic terminal. There were several pleasant areas scattered around the terminal.

The particular highlight for me, however, was the Garuda Indonesia business class lounge. Unlike U.S. airlines, purchasing a premium class domestic ticket entitles you to lounge entry. The lounge is two stories, spacious, and has plenty of seating. There was a small buffet on each of the floors featuring both hot and cold Indonesian dishes. Soft drinks were free, and I did not ask whether alcohol was available. They also had two massage chairs upstairs.

Buffet in the Garuda Indonesia lounge in the Bali airport domestic terminal.
Upstairs seating area in the Bali airport domestic terminal. The entire second floor was empty while I was there.

This was a great terminal for a domestic flight. The only real bad news is that it meant I was leaving Bali!

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