New breakfast menu at Rosa’s 

UPDATE- I made a small update on September 22, and on September 23, 2017, posted the new breakfast menu. Original post follows below.


I was excited when I heard the Rosa’s Cafe on Faudree in Odessa was going to start serving breakfast. The menu was limited and it is drive through service, but breakfast was the last frontier in causing me to prefer Taco Cabana for my fast food Mexican fix. I finally got a chance to eat there this morning, and the ultimate Dine Drink Travel verdict is…

… that this is a solid breakfast option for the area, but not quite as good as I hope it one day will be. On balance, I think I will keep getting my Rosa’s fix at lunch and dinner. Let’s start with what they did well: I hate going through drive-through lines (anywhere) for fear of being stuck for a while, and their line went really, really fast. That has long been part of what I liked about dining in at Rosa’s, and they pulled it off well in the drive through window today at breakfast. The breakfast menu principally features a series of breakfast tacos, and the one I had featured their fresh made tortillas. The Ultimate Breakfast Taco looks like this:

Rosa's Cafe Ultimate Breakfast Taco
Ultimate breakfast taco at Rosa’s Cafe on Faudree in Odessa. I am not sure why I added the grated cheese since it already came with their queso sauce.

The migas plate, however, was a little disappointing. Again, there was nothing wrong with it– the egg mixture just tasted a little bland. You can tell they intended to put the traditional shredded beef in there, because I had two tiny tiny itty bitty little pieces in there. It would significantly enhance the dish to include more. Then again, the plate came with three tortillas, only cost $3.99, and there was easily enough material in there to make three large tacos. It didn’t taste as good as the regular taco, but for economy purposes this would be the way to go:

Rosa's Cafe migas breakfast
Migas plate for breakfast at Rosa’s Cafe on Faudree in Odessa. It came with three tortillas, but only two tiny shreds of beef.

I would love to see them add indoor breakfast service, particularly on the weekends. I wasn’t impressed by the migas, but the taco was great and the service was as efficient as ever. It is a nice option for breakfast, particularly in that stretch of the Petroplex where Midland and Odessa grow together, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

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