American Airlines elite status renewal

I am a Gold elite on American Airlines— their lowest elite status, but still quite useful for things like having a dedicated agent to call when you need to adjust travel plans. I earned about 41,000 elite qualifying miles last year, so easily enough to renew my status but not nearly enough to make Platinum. I got an email offer to buy up to Platinum a couple of days ago, so I wanted to let everybody know what the options are if you are interested in buying or upgrading elite status.

The offer is publicly available, and you can get full details here. The short version, however, is that American is no longer allowing people to buy up to their highest status. They are allowing people to buy up to Gold and Platinum, and in my case it was going to cost $899 to upgrade. That isn’t really worth it for a few more redeemable miles and a slightly higher upgrade priority, so I passed. I could, for example, simply buy a first class ticket to Las Vegas outright for that amount of money. Now that I think about it, I will do exactly that with the money I just didn’t spend. Having some elite status is useful, but for my money it wasn’t worth it to have what would amount to a shinier piece of plastic. Your mileage, of course, might vary, and you have through July to decide whether you wish to take the offer. Happy flying!

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