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I am in first class today on AA 5887, a one hour or so long flight from Midland (MAF) to Dallas (DFW). I thought it might be helpful to give you a quick view on what service is like on American Eagle routes like this. There is also a picture of the drink menu, which is the same one used on mainline flights on American.  AA regional jet first class is a nice option for shorter flights.

The plane is a CRJ 900, although to the naked eye the cabin appears identical to that on a CRJ 700. The seat itself isn’t that different from a seat in mainline domestic first class. The legroom is comparable, and the seat itself is perfectly comparable. There is no entertainment, although that really isn’t an issue for me on anything but the longest flights. The thing which could be a challenge is no power, particularly as these planes sometimes fly somewhat longer routes.  Bin storage is adequate for very small bags, and there is no wifi. I will post this sometime later.

Service, however, is very good. Pre-departure drinks were offered, and they have traditionally offered to take my jacket when I have one. First class seats are in a 1-2 layout, and the seats by themselves are great for folks traveling alone.  Do be sure to get a seat in aisles 2 or 3. While seats in aisle 1 have a touch more leg room, they lack under seat storage.

One of the things I enjoy about American is that last Summer they changed their drink menu and now offer Woodford Reserve bourbon. It isn’t the best in the world, but it is a solid choice. Drinks are, of course, free in first class. A basket of pre-packaged snacks was also offered.

The drinks menu on American Airlines and American Eagle.
The drinks menu on American Airlines and American Eagle.

So was it the very best flight in the world? Of course not. That said, this is an excellent way to travel short distances. American offers a solid product in regional jet first class, and I am grateful it is available on the routes I fly– at least when my connecting flights work out.

Update– We posted an updated review of American’s regional jet first class in January 2018.

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4 thoughts on “AA Regional Jet first class

    1. I flew MAF-DFW-MAF roundtrip yesterday, although without an upgrade. They have had Woodford before, although it has been a few months. Last month they were again without it. It is, however, still listed on their drinks menu. Thanks for the update.

    2. I am flying a regional jet right now from PHX to IAH in first class. I asked the attendant if they have Woodford Reserve, and she said, “We do now. ” It is delicious.

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