Narita Admiral’s Club

If you are in Narita Terminal 2, as a general rule if you have access to the lounge of a One World member airline you will have access to several lounges. There are exceptions, of course, but as a general rule if you have a premium class ticket or elite status in a member airline you can go where you would like. My favorite in the area are the first class and business class lounges from JAL. Those lounges both have great food and plenty of space. However, if what you need is a quiet place away from the crowds and perhaps some help with an American Airlines flight, the Admiral’s Club in Narita Terminal 2 presents a solid option.

The biggest drawback of this club is that it is hard to find. It is in the main part of Terminal 2– don’t walk down the long hallway to the satellite terminal– but it is hidden in a nook down a set of stairs and near another airline lounge. When I went there is was very quiet. That was odd as I was at the airport for a JAL flight which took off within a few minutes of American flights. The decor was nice, however, and off to the right I saw a space for food and drinks:

Bar at the Admiral's Club in Narita Terminal 2
The self-service bar in the Admiral’s Club in Narita Terminal 2. Food options were self-serve and immediately behind the counter. It was an open bar with mid-shelf alcohol.
Narita Admiral's Club buffet
The same bar and buffet as from the first picture, but seen from the wide. Food options weren’t great, although they did have a fresh rice cooker and some soup at the other end.

While the food options weren’t great, they were enough to tide you over until your flight. Honestly, though, if you are hungry just eat the catered meal on the place, or go to the JAL lounge, or go to one of a wide range of restaurants in the terminal with good-looking meals for completely reasonable prices. Where this club did excel was in having lots of nice, open spaces to sit.

Seating area in the Narita Admiral's Club
One of the seating areas in the Narita Admiral’s Club. They had a lot of options. All had lots of light and good views of the tarmac.

On balance, this place is both a lot nicer than an Admiral’s Club in the U.S. and not as nice as some of the other business class clubs in NRT. I would write more, but, well, I went back to the Sakura Lounge pretty quickly for one more helping of their delicious curried beef.

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