No Royal Caribbean MLife points for table play

I wrote earlier that I enjoyed the casino on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. There were some problems, but Casino Royale gave me a steeply discounted fare and the casino itself was a mostly pleasant experience. One of the attractive things about it was that the points I earned onboard would transfer to MLife, thus making it easier to retain status for the next year.  Just one little problem with that… There are no Royal Caribbean MLife points for table play. Continue reading “No Royal Caribbean MLife points for table play”

Rony’s Tours Roatan, Honduras

Where we waited for Rony's Tours in Roatan, Honduras.
Where we waited for Rony’s Tours in Roatan, Honduras.

We were on the June 25, 2017 sailing of the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. One of the reasons we booked this trip was so we could stop in Roatan, Honduras. We were there two years ago and booked a trip to Maya Key, and we had a great time. This time, however, we wanted to get a little bit more adventurous and see the island itself. We contracted with Rony’s Tours Roatan to do ziplining and snuba diving in Gumbalimba Park. I will review the activities themselves separately, but for now wanted to comment on the service and experience with the tour company. Continue reading “Rony’s Tours Roatan, Honduras”

American Airlines Basic Economy fares are problematic for business

A few months back, American Airlines announced a new class of fares aimed at those who wanted the least expensive journey possible. Called “basic economy,” it looks as if these fares use booking code/fare class B. They are cheaper than regular economy fares, and that is a great option. However, you do not get an assigned seat until check in, and you do not even get to store a bag in an overhead bin. This process is completely transparent when booking on American’s own website, but there are at least two major problems: Those whose corporate travel policies require them to book the cheapest possible fares, and those searching for fares on third party booking sites. American Airlines basic economy fares are a problem if you don’t do your own booking directly on their website. Continue reading “American Airlines Basic Economy fares are problematic for business”

Maya Chan Beach Costa Maya, Mexico

Maya Chan Beach in Costa Maya, Mexico.
Something cold and delicious to drink at Maya Chan Beach in Costa Maya, Mexico. It was probably a piña colada, but I’m not gonna lie. The open bar was fantastic, and I may have tried more than one thing.

If you have ever dreamed of the perfect day at the beach, you really need to check out Maya Chan Beach in Mexico. Marketed at folks arriving in Costa Maya on cruise excursions, this place offers an almost perfect day at the beach. The price is much lower than anything I have traditionally paid for shore excursions. This review comes from our June 29, 2017 arrival on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. I will start with the problems on this trip before discussing the incredibly rich experience we had, and I have also posted a video review on YouTube. On balance, however, know this: On my next cruise I will specifically look for an itinerary calling at Costa Maya just so I can go to this place. Continue reading “Maya Chan Beach Costa Maya, Mexico”