Rosa’s Cafe Breakfast Menu (Updated)

The new breakfast menu at Rosa’s Cafe.

Earlier this year I wrote about the new breakfast menu being served at Rosa’s Cafe (a chain in Texas, principally in Western Texas), and yesterday I wrote that they appears to be offering dine-in breakfast service. I got the chance to try the new breakfast menu today, and I think I found a new favorite breakfast spot. It isn’t the same as my favorite greasy spoon breakfasts (regardless of cuisine), but it is a great choice for a leisurely weekend breakfast with the family.

First, the important details. Today is a Saturday, and we showed up at about 8:30 a.m. We went to the location on 191 and Faudree in Odessa, but we also drove by the Odessa mall location. They also appeared to be open for business. There is much, much less traffic inside than there is for lunch most days, and this might be a faster way to get your food if the drive-through line is long. I put a picture of the menu above, but below is a picture of each individual menu board in case that is easier.

Rosa’s Cafe breakfast menu board 1 of 3.
Rosa’s Cafe breakfast menu board 2 of 3.
Rosa’s Cafe breakfast menu board 3 of 3.

I was there with one of my kids, and our original plan was to dine in. There was a lot I wanted to try, though, and that was going to require the help of the rest of my family. We ordered a could of chili verde tacos, an ultimate breakfast taco, a chorizo and bean taco, and an ultimate bowl. For the tacos we were offered the choice of cheese (no thanks, except to the ultimate, which comes with it as a matter of course), and for the bowl were offered the choice of regular beans or chorizo beans. I love my family, so of course we got the chorizo beans. While we waited for our food we went to inspect the salsa bar. We were delighted to find that it was its own normal, beautiful, full self.

Salsa bar at Rosa’s Cafe. The presentation at breakfast is the same as at lunch and dinner.

Our food came quickly, which is a hallmark of this institution. It’s not that it is great food– any of us who live in the area can name several Mexican restaurants which we prefer. It is that it is reliable food- it tastes good, it is always the same, they (almost) never mess up my order, and it came incredibly quickly. I stopped to take one picture before we took everything home.

Ultimate Bowl for breakfast at Rosa’s Cafe.

My favorite of the lot was the chili verde taco. My kid had a bottle of orange juice. I had a perfectly serviceable cup of coffee. Also, we ate a ton of food for less than $20. I like this very much as a breakfast spot, and I may make another stop tomorrow before church.

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