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If you have a taste for delicious burritos as breakfast or lunch, La Burreria may be your place. Located in East Odessa on Billy Hext just off 191, the menu is pretty simple: The have burritos, some of which can also be served as a somewhat smaller tacos. In addition to that, they have drinks and…. a place to sit. Here’s the thing, though: Mexican food restaurants pretty much follow the same rule as good barbecue. If they have spend too much money making it look good with a lot of fancy extras, then you are eating in the wrong place.

My 9 year old had the day off from school, so at lunch my wife and I took him here. I had been here a couple of times before, and my wife had been once, but this was (probably) our first family trip. You walk in and order at the counter from an overhead menu board. I regret that I did not get a picture of the menu, but you can find them on the La Burreria Facebook page. The burritos are around $4-$5, and they can go up from there depending on what extras you order. On the one hand, that is a fairly expensive burrito. On the other hand, they are really, really big. You might be able to fit Kanye’s ego in one of these things. We were there at lunch, and between the three of us worked our way through most of the lunch menu. We ordered a total of 4 burritos, and we brought home two half-burritos.

Asado burrito with asadero cheese and peppers at La Burreria in Odessa, TX. Who knew that cheese went with asado?
The chili verde, al carbon, and brisket with avocado burritos at La Burreria. Burritos without a topping come wrapper in foil rather than being served on a plate.

We tried the asado, carbon, chili verde, and brisket with avocado burritos. My wife ordered the asado, and she got it with melted asadero cheese and peppers on it. I wouldn’t have expected the combination of asado and cheese to work, but it did. Things of note: The al carbon was a little weird– it was more like a guisado than the fajitas I was expecting. That said, it was delicious and was probably my favorite of the bunch. The chili verde was beef rather than pork. It was excellent, although my personal taste is for pork. The asado was very good. Remarkably, I preferred it to the chili verde. My reaction is pretty much the opposite everywhere else in town.

You get a choice of hot or mild sauce, and I asked for some of each. They come in little pre-portioned containers. They didn’t say which was which, but the green sauce seemed hot to me while the red sauce seemed mild. The combination of the two was superb on my brisket, and it wasn’t really needed anywhere else. In summary, know what you are getting when you come here: There are no side orders, and there are no frills. The burritos are also not particularly cheap. They are, however, both huge and delicious. We had a great meal, and we will certainly be back.

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