Dairy Queen Brisket Street Tacos

Brisket Street Tacos at Dairy Queen

Why, oh beloved Dairy Queen, would you call something a street taco if you are using prefab hard taco shells? It is a waste of what is actually pretty good brisket. Why? The Dairy Queen brisket street tacos are, indeed, a giant exercise in, “Why?”

I was in Plains, TX on a Friday night in early October with my kid. We were driving through town at dinner time, so we stopped at Dairy Queen. The lady at the counter was perfectly lovely, and the burger my son ate was fine. But… but… but the tacos. When I saw street tacos in the description, I naturally assumed it was going to be a soft tortilla. I couldn’t have imagined this pre-fab shell, and that ruined the whole thing. This is too good of an idea to mess up this way. The brisket was even decent. The overall impact, however, was just weird. This is certainly a dish I would avoid. Then again, why did I order Mexican street tacos from a Minnesota company anyway? My bad, and I paid for my mistake with these… these things… that kind sorta looked like tacos.

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