Grub Burger Market Burger

The Wagyu Burger is the current market burger at Grub in October 2017.

I previously reviewed Grub Burger in Midland, TX, and this is not that post– a comprehensive review of the restaurant.  The basic review remains the same. It is an amazing hamburger that you have to decide is worth paying for. Earlier today my kids and I made exactly that decision, and we went to eat there after church. I am writing this to talk about two of the burgers we tried– the Wagyu Market Burger and the Mac n’ Cheese burger. The former is the Grub Burger market burger, and the Mac n’ Cheese burger is a regular item on the menu. The “market burger” is a special burger rotating through the menu for a limited time.

I had tried the Wagyu burger once before. This sign greeted me as I walked into the restaurant:

The special burger sign outside of Grub in Midland, TX.

I’ll be honest- I wasn’t that intrigued by the thought of the Wagyu beef. Once you grind it up and cook it, a beef of that quality loses a lot of what makes it distinct from the steak I would buy at my neighborhood grocery store. The other toppings, however, seemed fantastic. I was right, and the other toppings were fantastic. Here’s the thing, though– the beef actually tasted particularly tender and juicy. One doesn’t pay Grub prices for a run of the mill burger, anyway, so I was glad I made the investment. My only problem today was that they undercooked it. I get that you want to avoid overcooking such a good piece of meat, but:

  1. It is ground beef anyway, and
  2. Cook it the way I ordered it.
The Wagyu Burger I requested medium at Grub.

Mac N’ Cheese Burger

I ate it, though, because I was hungry. It was also a phenomenal burger. My younger child, however, made a different choice. He wanted the Mac n’ Cheese burger. No tricks here– they offer a hamburger on which they place macaroni and cheese and quite a bit of bacon.

The Mac n’ Cheese burger at Grub.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this burger. It was exactly as they described it, and my son enjoyed it tremendously. I suppose macaroni on a hamburger was, you know, a bit much for me. Then again, I let the kid order it. To each his own.

My real challenge at Grub is deciding whether to go with my old standards or with the Grub Burger market burger. I may have to go back soon to be sure I made the right choice, but I left with a full belly and a big smile today.

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