Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge access changes

View from my room at the Bellagio in March 2017
View from my room at the Bellagio in March 2017

I wrote before about the two bedroom penthouse suite at the Bellagio. We are making another trip and staying in this room next week. One of the great benefits of staying in this room is access to the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge. That provides private check in, excellent guest service, and a variety of snacks throughout the day. It is also a great place to pick up a cup of coffee. I will review the lounge separately after our trip next week, but I wanted to let you know that access rules appear to have changed. Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge access was previously available only to those in a penthouse suite and above. It is no longer included with anything but a few suites, but there is good news. It appears you can gain access plus a limo ride to and from the airport for $150 a night from almost any room.

I may be able to make another trip in March, so today I looked at what rooms would be available. When I did, I noticed something curious. Previously, penthouse suites and everything larger has access to the Chairman’s Lounge. In many cases that included roundtrip airport limo transfers, although that had been cut back some over the previous year. However, for my dates the only rooms which received these benefits were a select few rooms. For example, two-bedroom suites received the bonus. I emailed VIP services to ask, and they provided the following response.

Response from Bellagio VIP Services:

That is correct. Penthouse Suites as well as Cypress Suites no longer automatically include the Chairmen’s Lounge access. However, you have the option to add the Chairmen’s Lounge Experience Package to each of these rooms for an additional $150 per night. This package includes luxury transportation to and from the airport, access to the Chairman’s Lounge and its included amenities below:

  • Private Check-In
  • Concierge services
  • Daily presentation of gourmet treats and refreshments in the lounge
  • Line Passes to: Café Bellagio & Buffet
  • Wifi Access
  • Laptops Available
  • Faxing/Printing/Copying
  • Boarding Pass Printing

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist you further.

Dine Drink Travel investigates Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge access

On one hand, this is bad news. A benefit previously available to premium suites was reduced. On the other hand, I very rarely need a large suite. The normal rooms at the Bellagio are lovely. However, I love the feeling of being picked up in a limo. I also place great value on Chairman’s Lounge access.

I logged into my MLife account, and I was not able to see this option. However, when I went to I could. I logged into my MLife account directly from the Bellagio page and started several bookings. On each, I was able to add the package listed above. This even applied to standard rooms, which may be a nice option for many travelers. I will post more after the trip next week (when I have regular access), but the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge is a lovely addition to Vegas trips.

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5 thoughts on “Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge access changes

  1. So essentially. 75 each way for a limo transfer (perhaps just a sedan, even). The line passes are not worth much. The refreshments are ok, i guess. All the other amenities are filler . better to spend the 150 on a paid room upgrade. Keep,in mind the 150 for the club is per night. Ouch.

    1. Those are all excellent points. To me, part of the value comes down to how long one is staying. For a shorter stay, the limo is worth more as a share of the cost. I paid for the limo once, and it was actually a limo. Every time the Bellagio has sent a car for me as an included part of my room, it was also a limo.

      I am with you that most of the time it is better to spend $150 on a nicer room. However, I place tremendous value on avoiding lines at check-in and check-out. I also really like the place to go get coffee. Soooooo…. for me it is worth it for a special trip.

  2. How come when I was there In January, I was still able to use the Chairman’s Lounge and all it’s privileges. I was staying in the penthouse suite. Is it because my M lIfe is Gold? or did they just miss it?

    1. There are several possibilities. One is that your casino host coded you for it. You may also have had a special offer, and it might be that you booked before the rule changed.

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