Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge VIP services

Door to the Bellagio Chairman's Lounge in Las Vegas. VIP services are available to suite guests.
Door to the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge in Las Vegas. Access to is available depending on the class of suite that you book.

Several days ago, I wrote that access to the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge is changing. Where is was previously available at no extra charge to everyone in a penthouse suite or larger, it is now available to a much larger variety of suites. However, many suites which previously had complimentary access now have to pay for it. We were at the Bellagio from December 26-29, 2017 and had access to the lounge. Here is what you can expect.

First, you have to find the lounge. Every time I have had access, someone has met me at the front door when I have checked in. However, if you miss that escort to the lounge entering the front door into the main lobby. The door will be to your left between a store and the main check-in desk. The picture of the doors is at the top of this post. Don’t try to access it without permission. They will give you a special room key giving you access, and they frequently (very politely) ask to see the key when you come in.

Check in desk and refreshment center at the Bellagio Chairman's Lounge.
Check in desk and refreshment center at the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge.

When you enter, immediately to your right is the VIP services desk. I generally just use the desk for check-in and check-out, but it is staffed whenever the lounge is open. They are available to serve as concierge or to answer any questions about your account. I have not found the agents at that desk to be particularly helpful (relative to the main desk, anyway), but it is much faster to reach someone. It is also a quieter space without the hustle and bustle of the main line.

Past the check-in desk is a small presentation of snacks. They also have tea, coffee, and wine. I would love to see a better selection of beverages– even the selection in the Treasure Island VIP lounge is better. However, the coffee and tea here are exceptional. They are also free and available immediately. That is a great option when you want a cup of coffee quickly.

Seating area in the Bellagio Chairman's Lounge.
Seating area in the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge.

In addition to the VIP services desk and the coffee bar, the lounge has several small seating areas. These are great when part of your party is checking in. We also used the seating as a meeting space, and sometimes it was nice to simply have a quiet place to be. The Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge is not the premium experience the hotel describes on its website. However, it is a much better experience than waiting in the general line. It is also great to have a quick cup of coffee.

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