Bellagio Buffet for a quick meal in Las Vegas

The Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas.
The Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas isn’t as large as some, but it offers plenty of choices. Those choices are presented well.

When it first opened, the Bellagio buffet was probably the nicest one in Las Vegas. 15 or 20 years ago, I remember friends coming home and raving about it. It is still very good. There are plenty of choices, they are presented well, and everything is clean and in good order. Unfortunately, it is no longer one of the best in Las Vegas. Dine Drink Travel will review the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s in February, and the Wynn buffet also offers a lot more choices. The Bellagio buffet is a great place to get a quick meal, and it is perfect if you are already at the hotel. It just isn’t worth taking a special trip. This review covers a brunch I ate there with my wife last month.

The prices at the Bellagio buffet vary $24.99 and $43.99 most of the time. Our meal was on the higher end of that scale. We were there for brunch, but it was the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Special pricing was in effect. The choices were an upgrade from a normal breakfast, though, so that was alright. While they had all of the breakfast standards, they also had a good carved meats station.

Eggs Benedict at the Bellagio buffet.
Eggs Benedict at the Bellagio buffet.
Carved meats at the Bellagio buffet.
Carved meats at the Bellagio buffet. There is a carver on duty to assist you.

One of the first things I noticed was that the drink service didn’t come by. I thought that was unusual, and I started looking around. In what I assume to be a cost-saving measure, the Bellagio had installed self-service drink machines. There was still waitstaff to help if needed, although there seemed to be fewer than there had been in previous visits. That said, I think I liked this change. The coffee was still good, and the non-alcoholic drinks were still included. It is a buffet, after all, so getting my own stuff didn’t seem that unusual. It was just a change from how the Bellagio previously did it. More to the point, the soda machines they were using meant there were a lot more choices. There were many drink stations scattered around the various dining rooms, and that meant there was no wait for something to drink.

Drink station at the Bellagio buffet.
One of the drink stations at the Bellagio buffet. Several were scattered about, and there was always one close to hand.
One of several dining rooms at the Bellagio buffet.
One of several dining rooms at the Bellagio buffet.

The Bellagio buffet continues to do many things well. There is always dim sum, and I really enjoy their pizza. The shrimp cocktail is nice, and…. well, and I should quit talking about all the things I ate before I sound like too much of a pig. Will I eat at he Bellagio buffet again? Absolutely. I like to stay at that hotel, and it is a solid meal. Will I make a special trip to eat there when I am staying elsewhere? Probably not. It is a good fallback option if lines are too long somewhere else, but this is no longer the best choice on the Las Vegas Strip.

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  1. I love reading your reviews and I wish I had your job so I could travel and review too! I should have written more of my travels in the Navy but there were no such things as blogs back in those days!

    1. First, thank you very much for serving in the Navy. Second, I understand exactly what you mean about opportunities lost. I worked with the State Department for a spell, and I wish I would have done a better job documenting those travels. As for this blog, I actually have a full time job and just write about personal trips I take. I really appreciate your kind words, and I hope you will share the blog.

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