American Airlines breakfast LAS-DFW

American Airlines breakfast options from LAS to DFW. AA offers a real advantage to those who buy first class tickets by letting them select meals in advance.

I get to go to Las Vegas next month, and I am flying American to get back home. Doing what I always do, I logged in to select my meals. AA offers a real advantage to those who buy first class tickets, because we can select what we want in advance. That makes sure they don’t run out of your preferred option. It is a morning flight, and I wanted to let everyone know what American Airlines breakfast is.

For a mid-con flight, breakfast isn’t that different from lunch or dinner. You have two entree choices. These are the same as available on the plane, although there is one important difference. By ordering in advance, you can make sure they still have your preferred option. This strikes me as even more important at breakfast– I know I always want a protein to start the day. The special meals are the same, although there is no word on whether they have particular breakfast offerings. Special meals are only available in advance.

There are some differences, of course. Perhaps most significantly, there is not fruit and cheese plate available. That must always be ordered in advance. While an option for lunch and dinner, that does not appear to be an option for AA breakfast. I will post again next month and let you know how this meal was.

Options for American Airlines breakfast LAS-DFW January 2019

  • Steel cut oatmeal with garnishes
  • Montamore cheese omelette with kale pesto, paprika potatoes, and Italian chicken sausages
  • The special meal AA makes available on all flights with meal service. These must be ordered in advance.

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