United first class lunch

My United first class lunch from Houston to Las Vegas was an excellent beef soba salad.
My United first class lunch from Houston to Las Vegas was an excellent beef soba salad.

I have a confession to make. I… and I don’t know how to say this, but I… I actually like airplane food. I know this makes me guilty of some great culinary sin. I simply don’t care. Boarding a flight to Vegas, getting a drink, and having a meal is a nice way to spend several hours. I am writing this in the air to tell you about United first class lunch. This was a great meal.

It helps, of course, that I am on a plane to Vegas. It helps more that I have Direct TV and can watch college football bowl games after several days with my sober, cable-free in-laws. However, this flight from IAH to LAS started with perfectly standard service- taking jackets and offering a pre- departure beverage. They took lunch orders before departure. The options were a cold beef soba salad or a hot chicken pesto. I selected the beef soba salad.

United first class lunch follows a predictable rhythm. They come by with a hot towel service, and then they bring drinks and warm nuts. This was consistent with the meal I had on United last month. Happily, this time they changed the meal choices. The hot chicken pesto my seatmate had looked great, but I was glad to have the beef soba salad.

What was the final verdict?

The meal was served cold, and it was all on one tray. That is common for non-premium domestic routes. My only complaint is that there was very little beef. The beef was served in a side plate. A vegetarian could leave it to the side. The beef was, however, excellent. The pretzel roll and the cheesecake completed a great meal. I may be strange, but I actually enjoy airplane food. This meal was no exception.

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