Treasure Island VIP Room in Las Vegas

The Treasure Island VIP Room door is on the left.
Check in can take a while at busy hotels in Las Vegas. The Treasure Island VIP room, however, is a great way to avoid those lines.

My last several trips to Vegas have been to the Bellagio. I have also stayed at the Area Sky Suites. At different points, I have stayed all over Vegas. For this trip, however, I wanted to do something different. I went back to the Treasure Island and had a great time. I have already written about my suite and the spa. However, a key part of Las Vegas for me is feeling like a VIP. At TI, the VIP experience starts with the Treasure Island VIP room. It is a great way to get the trip started.

Access to the Treasure Island VIP room is by invitation. I asked my casino host for access, and he graciously granted it. When you get to the hotel, the VIP room is to the left as you walk into the lobby.

Check-In desk at the Treasure Island VIP room in Las Vegas.
Check-In desk at the Treasure Island VIP room in Las Vegas.

As you walk into the Treasure Island VIP room, the desk is to your right. An agent quickly greeted me. I arrived well before check-in time, and she was able to help me find an available room. I love it when a hotel goes the extra mile and lets me get my trip started by checking in early. Guests checking in with the VIP experience are also able to return here to check out and for any required assistance during their stay.

Unfortunately, the space in this room is small. The refreshments are also very limited. The coffee machine was great, and Pepsi products were available. However, food offerings were extremely limited and no alcohol was available in the VIP room. The space was considerably smaller and less extravagant than, say, the Bellagio Chairman’s Lounge. Still, it was a great perk and the service was superb. It is definitely worth asking your casino host for access.

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