American Airlines breakfast in domestic first class

The American Airlines breakfast in first class.
The American Airlines breakfast in first class featuring the Montamoré Cheese Omelette. I added the butter since it was a touch dry.

In December, I wrote about the American Airlines breakfast options from Las Vegas to Dallas. One thing that AA does exceptionally well is to give first class flyers choices. On this flight, I could have selected oatmeal, an omelette, or any special meal they had. I wanted a regular breakfast, so I went with the omelette. It was good, but I probably should have selected one of the special meals.

Service on a breakfast flight is a little different from lunch or dinner. For example, there was no ramekin of warm nuts. However, the basic service was very similar. The flight attendant confirmed my order. Everything came on one tray, and then the bread basket came by later. They offered biscuits. While no self-respecting Texan would compare them to what his grandma makes, they are actually pretty good. Pairing the biscuit with butter and jelly made it even better.

The omelette itself was a little dry. It wasn’t awful, but it is awfully hard to keep eggs moist at altitude. Happily, I received two pats of butter. Adding one of them to the omelette added calories, but it tasted substantially better. The omelette was served with some nicely seasoned potatoes. The potatoes were fine, but would have been better had there been a way to keep them crispy.

I also received a side of fruit. AA consistently impresses me with the ability to cater fresh fruit on to flights. The serving wasn’t huge, but it did add a nice contrast to the heavier biscuit and omelette. Happily, drinks were still free in first class. That always makes a flight better. American Airlines breakfast isn’t great, but it is pretty good. Just be sure to order in advance, and consider getting one of the special entrees.

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