Las Vegas Baggage Claim on American Airlines– Dine Drink Travel poll

There are a lot of reasons I fly American Airlines. The onboard service is usually good. I can frequently afford to purchase a first class seat, and they let me select a meal in advance. However, there is one thing I hate about this airline. I get to fly to Las Vegas a lot, and I often need to check a bag. The Las Vegas baggage claim for American Airlines is easily the worst I have witnessed.

When I went to Vegas a couple of months ago, I used a baggage delivery service. That worked OK. However, I was arriving late at night this time. I only had one night in my first hotel, so I wanted to get my bags right away. Therein lies the rub.

We waited 77 minutes to get our bags. They gave us a notice that the bags were all delivered when there were still a couple of dozen people there. They brought the next flight up on the info board. The folks in the baggage claim office were unwilling to help since the system showed the bags having been delivered. They also wouldn’t deliver the bags to our hotels for us.

My experience with Las Vegas baggage claim on American Airlines is, at best, inconsistent. This time, it was downright bad. However, I want to see what it is like for most passengers. Please vote in the poll above, and I will write again when I have your perspective.

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