Zoe’s Charcuterie Plate in American Airline’s First Class

Zoe's Charcuterie Plate on American Airlines
Zoe’s Charcuterie Plate on American Airlines. This is now available for pre-order by passengers in first class.

I’ve written before about how much I love the ability to pre-order meals in first class on American Airlines. I can always get my first choice, and I have access to special meals. Ultimately, however, food on an airplane suffers from certain limits. What is the best way to get around those limits? It may be Zoe’s Charcuterie Plate. Texan Abroad enjoyed it from Las Vegas to Dallas. As airplane food goes, it is just about perfect.

Zoe’s Kitchen has offered food for purchase in economy class for several months. Starting this month, they also offered the Zoe’s Charcuterie Plate for pre-order in first class. To be clear, you must pre-order this item. It is not one of the standard options they will offer you on the plane.

One reason the charcuterie plate wins is that nothing has to be heated up. I received prosciutto, salami, olives, fresh mozarella, three kinds of hummus, veggies, fresh pita, and a bag or crispy pita. If you like, they will also serve you bread and whatever dessert they are serving the rest of the cabin.

It is difficult to overstate how much food this was. This is absolutely as filling as any regular airline meal. It also seemed fresher, and it tasted better. Zoe’s Kitchen Charcuterie Plate isn’t available on every flight, but you should definitely snag it if you can.

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