American Airlines vegan meal

American Airlines vegan meal
The American Airlines vegan meal I was served from DFW to PHL. You can also select from the bread basket and dessert, although those are not vegan options.

On the first Friday of Lent, I flew from DFW to PHL on a dinner flight. I needed a meat-free option, and the standard vegetarian option didn’t appeal. Happily, American Airlines lets you pre-order from a wide variety. I selected the vegan meal. I am a meat-eater, so I wouldn’t order this every time. All in all, however, it was a strong option.

The problem with special meals on an airline is that you don’t really know what you are getting. Indeed, even on looking at my meal I wasn’t sure what it was. I received an entree dish with four different things in it, a salad, a vegan cookie, and a specially wrapped roll. I also had margarine, salt, pepper, and salad dressing.

On eating the meal, however, I began to enjoy it very much. For the entree, the item on the left is carrots in a light oil. The center was a grain with red peppers. On the other side, there was a (dry) polenta and an eggplant. On balance, it tasted quite good after I added a bit of salt. The salad was excellent, and the roll and the cookie were both fine.

One strong point of special meals on AA is that you can also select from the bread basket. This item might or might not be vegan. You are also allowed a cookie or ice cream if that is being served. You can order drink and get the warm mixed nuts exactly like any other passengers.

So would I order the American Airlines vegan meal again? Not usually. However, that comes down to personal preference. I like meat and butter and eggs. On this occasion, my religious restrictions meant that I couldn’t eat many of those things. What I did receive was delicious and is a great option if it fits your needs.

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