American Airlines moves to 9 boarding groups

American Airlines has announced a new boarding process effective March 1. An effort to speed things up and deal with the complications of their new basic economy fair, it is hard for me to imagine this working in the fairly crowded boarding areas AA uses in so many airports. Here is why I am concerned. Continue reading “American Airlines moves to 9 boarding groups”

Video: Pre-ordering the Japanese meal on American Airlines from DFW to NRT

I posted earlier about how to pre-order meals on American Airlines. Here is a short video that walks you through that process and also shows what the meal options were in business class from Dallas to Narita in December 2016. Happy travels!

Narita Admiral’s Club

If you are in Narita Terminal 2, as a general rule if you have access to the lounge of a One World member airline you will have access to several lounges. There are exceptions, of course, but as a general rule if you have a premium class ticket or elite status in a member airline you can go where you would like. My favorite in the area are the first class and business class lounges from JAL. Those lounges both have great food and plenty of space. However, if what you need is a quiet place away from the crowds and perhaps some help with an American Airlines flight, the Admiral’s Club in Narita Terminal 2 presents a solid option. Continue reading “Narita Admiral’s Club”

First class on an American Eagle Regional Jet

I am in first class today on AA 5887, a one hour or so long flight from Midland (MAF) to Dallas (DFW). I thought it might be helpful to give you a quick view on what service is like on routes like this. I will also post a picture of the drink menu, which is the same one used on mainline flights on American.  Continue reading “First class on an American Eagle Regional Jet”

American Airlines Service Recovery Efforts

Sometimes, you just want the airline to pretend to care. You get that it isn’t real caring, but you want someone to pretend. It turns out that American Airlines failed at even this basic standard of competence this week until I escalated the issue enough. While I would love to complain just to make myself feel better– and, well, OK, I will do that just a little bit– I figured I might handle the experience a little bit more productively by instead describing how AA handles service recovery efforts and what you should expect when a flight eventually goes wrong. Because if you fly long enough, something will eventually go wrong. Continue reading “American Airlines Service Recovery Efforts”