IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A

The door to the IAH Admiral's Club in Terminal A
The door to the IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A.

American Airlines has made a lot of improvements to their Admiral’s Club lounges over the last year. They are offering a wider variety of snacks, and my personal favorite is the guacamole available every afternoon. Then again, two kinds of free soup or the free fancy coffee machine are also nice. Of all the improvements they have made, however, one is particularly important to me. In 2017, AA re-opened the long-dormant IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A. They did a great job of remodeling, and this is a fantastic addition for those of us flying American out of Houston’s George Bush airport. Continue reading “IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A”

First class meal options on American Airlines from Dallas to Las Vegas

First class meal option on American Airlines from Dallas to Las Vegas. One of the real advantages American offers is the ability to pre-order your meals up to 30 days in advance.

One of the real advantages American Airlines offers is the ability to pre-order your meals if you are travelling in first class. Anywhere from 30 days in advance until 24 hours before flight departure, you can select the meal you would like. That means you know you will get your first choice, and quite often some of the meal choices are only available if you pre-order. For example, when travelling to Japan one has to pre-order the Japanese meal. Today, I am going to tell you what options American has available for our flight from Dallas (DFW) to Las Vegas (LAS) next month. It looks fantastic, and it should be a great way to start the trip. I will, of course, provide a better review after we have taken the trip. Continue reading “First class meal options on American Airlines from Dallas to Las Vegas”

Guacamole every afternoon in the Admirals Club

I am in the Admiral’s Club in DFW Terminal B right now and just saw this. I thought you should know:

Admiral's Club guacamole
Free guacamole made to order in the Terminal B Admirals Club in DFW. It is excellent.

It was excellent. Options were lime, tomato, onion, corn, salt, pepper, cotija cheese, cilantro, and jalapeno. What more do you really need for a service enhancement that is an honest to goodness enhancement?

JAL Business Class from NRT to DFW

I started this blog a couple of months ago for the benefit of folks like me– married people with respectable lives and jobs and kids and spouses and mortgages– who just need to get out there and do something. There is also quite a bit on here (and will be more in the future) useful to business travelers, which it turns out I frequently am. I have traveled quite a bit over the last decade and a half, and things like taking a cruise in a suite, or flying long haul first class, or going to the spa in Bali or whatever will certainly spoil a person. I get physically uncomfortable when I fly in economy class for long periods of time, so I work real hard to avoid that. I recently had an experience which was absolutely comfortable–flying business class from Narita (NRT) to Dallas (DFW) in Japan Airlines (JAL) long haul business class in their Boeing 787-800 (788) Sky Suite configuration. At the same time, this wasn’t the sort of premium experience in some of the links above. I’m writing about it here for the benefit of those of you who need to go long distances (trans-Pacific, specifically) and need to be comfortable but who, like me, don’t normally have the money for super premium experiences. Continue reading “JAL Business Class from NRT to DFW”

AA 175 DFW NRT in new business class

I starting writing this as I was on AA 175, a 14ish hour flight from DFW to NRT (Narita, Japan) in business class. This plane is a Boeing 772 equipped with the new business class seats (all forward facing), which are fantastic. Before I review and specifics of the flight, however, know this: 14 hours is a long time in an airplane. Have you ever seen the Lewis Black video about flying to New Zealand? Look it up sometime when you aren’t at work and there aren’t any small children around to hear the language. It has always been funny, and this particular journey makes it all the funnier. Continue reading “AA 175 DFW NRT in new business class”