Verizon poetry written by a disgruntled customer.

I previously wrote that Verizon has a whole lot of fine print in their contracts. Ultimately, however, they present a good option for Caribbean cruises and other short term travel abroad.  In April of this year, I switched from Verizon to AT&T because I was tired of dealing with Verizon customer service for routine problems. I also wanted to try a GSM carries. AT&T offered some real advantages, notably the ability to use almost any phone in the world. Ultimately, however, I switched back because the Verizon network is so much better in the Petroplex. However, the switch has inspired the following bit of Verizon poetry. It was written in various stages as I tried to get my new lines of service working:

Verizon, how do I hate thee?
Let me count the ways.
All I want is working service.
All I get are nays.

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Royal Caribbean customer service struggles with responses to consumer complaints

I wrote on Monday that Royal Caribbean had opened their Summer 2019 week-long Caribbean cruise schedule. I booked a cruise later that night at a refundable rate, and I wrote on Tuesday that I was disappointed that Royal Caribbean would not honor that deal and would only recognize it as a non-refundable rate. Based on that, I decided that the best way to process the complaint would be with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean customer service remains sorely lacking. My purpose in this post is two-fold: I write to describe what Royal Caribbean’s policy is describing non-refundable deposits, and I write because I think it important to challenge them regarding significant customer service failings. Continue reading “Royal Caribbean customer service struggles with responses to consumer complaints”

Refundable deposit on Royal Caribbean?

I was excited when the Royal Caribbean Summer 2019 schedule came out last night. We had been planning a cruise with another family, and we wanted the Villa Suite for our group of 10. It was available on our desired week, and we booked it for considerably less per person than a Grand Suite. The agent explicitly said it was a refundable deposit. That mattered to me because I was booking through the casino. The offer me discounts from time to time, and I wanted to preserve maximum flexibility to re-book at a lower price if the casino came through with a better offer.

When I received my invoice, it said the deposit is non-refundable. I called in today, and the agent at Casino Royale said he could see it was booked with a refundable code. An hour later, however, I received the news that it is indeed non-refundable. Nobody disputed what the agent told me, but said all suites are now non-refundable.

I fully understand the reasons for this policy. What I am angry about is that they are not honoring the deal they made that this is a refundable deposit. Lessons learned: Don’t trust what the agent tells you, don’t expect them to honor deals, and know that all reservations on suites are apparently non-refundable.

Other Royal Caribbean customer service stories

Royal Caribbean still doesn’t think there is a problem with negative balances

A little over a week ago, I wrote that Royal Caribbean was showing negative account balances in the “My Cruise Planner” section of their website in the amount of any additional purchases you had made for your cruise. Over the weekend, I reported that problem had still not been fixed. Today, I exchanged Twitter messages with Royal (having failed via phone or the passage of time to resolve the problem). The representative was perfectly polite and professional, but fundamentally failed to address the issue: The problem remains unresolved, nobody can explain how it happened, and nobody shows much urgency to fix it since it all looks OK on their end. Which is fine, until the error obviously manifesting itself at one point shows up somewhere else. Let’s look at the Twitter exchange with Royal:

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Royal Caribbean still showing negative cruise balances

A few days ago I wrote that Royal Caribbean was showing negative account balances. The problem was that the cost of drink packages, internet packages, and other additional purchases were showing as being money that RCCL owed the cruiser. The folks on the phone were showing everything as being OK. As of today, the same error is showing. However, when I exchanged messages about it on Twitter I was at least able to show a screen shot of what I am talking about. They are having their IT folks look at what the issue is, and I will let you know what they say as soon as they have an answer.