Video review of a standard guest room at the Hilton Narita

Hey folks. For those of you who have been reading for a while, I have traditionally written my posts and linked to Youtube for any video content I provided. I still like the format of keeping the video and text/photo reviews distinct. However, I want to start hosting the video content directly on this site. As a result, over the next few weeks I am going to publish videos for which I have already provided the text information. I will provide a link to the original note, as well. When I have cleared the backlog, I will start publishing the video and text reviews on the same day. To start, enjoy my walk through of a standard guest room at the Narita Hilton.

Matsutake Restaurant in the Hilton Narita

Have you ever had the experience of having an amazing meal at a restaurant and having no particular need to go back? That was my experience at Matsukaze Restaurant in the Narita Hilton in Japan. The food was amazing. I had the shabu shabu beef and enjoyed every bite of it. I also left unimpressed by the whole experience, and on balance am not sure I would go back. Continue reading “Matsutake Restaurant in the Hilton Narita”

Hilton Narita

Have you ever been to a place that wasn’t fantastic, but that was exactly what you needed for a particular occasion? That is an excellent description of what you get at the Hilton Hotel in Narita, Japan. It isn’t the nicest hotel in the world, but if you are staying there it is probably because you are in town for a night or two while flying through the Narita airport. Given those constraints, this slightly dated hotel is exactly what you need. Continue reading “Hilton Narita”