What to expect for international departing flights from Jakarta

Howdy, folks. I am writing this as I sit in the Pura Indah Lounge– the business class lounge Japan Airlines uses– in Jakarta airport (CGK). The process for getting into the airport seems just a but different than most of the other airports I have been in, so I wanted to let you know what to expect. The process is very similar for domestic flights departing from Terminal 3, although I focus here specifically on international flights from Terminal 2.

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Jakarta bar crawl

Ladies and gentlemen, I enjoy am evening cocktail. I am altogether too old, however, to do a bar crawl, even when such a thing happens in a place where I fundamentally understand the language, culture, and legal regime. However, I also have very good friends who guide me to life choices which are, um, memorable. A series of those choices occurred last night, starting at Skye Bar Jakarta. Really, it was just going to be one perfectly innocent cocktail.  Continue reading “Jakarta bar crawl”

Changing Money at Jakarta Airport (CGK)

I arrived yesterday in Jakarta airport, and I wanted to include a quick note about how to change money here. When you are at baggage claim and before you clear customs, there are a series of ATMs. That should have worked well, but it did not. For some reason my card was declined, which is odd as I know I gave the bank a travel alert. Happily, I had read what proved to be excellent travel advise- I brought several clean 100 dollars bills with me. You should definitely do that as a backup plan.

The first opportunity to exchange those bills came immediately when I left customs- three different money changers all posted identical rates of 12,100 rupiah to the dollar. The exchange rate today is 13,465, so I passed on that. Upstairs on the departure level, however, things were different. They would buy my dollars for 13,200 rupiah, and sell me dollars for 13,800. There was no exchange fee, although it did require me to have 100 dollar bills. So, look around next time you are traveling (particularly in Indonesia)- you will want some physical cash as a backup plan, and exchange rates can vary widely.

Cell service for travel to Asia

So I have a trip coming up where I will spend a couple of weeks in Japan and Indonesia. I have Verizon Wireless service in the U.S., and I am generally pretty happy with it– the network is much better than Sprint and T-Mobile for the places I am likely to be, somewhat better than AT&T here in the Petroplex, and the rates are competitive with AT&T. I also get an employer discount which is helpful. Verizon also has international travel options which work pretty well in most of the world. While a $10 a day charge is sometimes criticized as too expensive, it is awfully convenient and probably the best way to handle a reasonably short trip. Continue reading “Cell service for travel to Asia”