Joe’s Crab Shack is bad at Lent

The Seafood Gumbo on offer at Joe's Crab Shack one Friday in Lent
The “Seafood Gumbo” on offer at Joe’s Crab Shack on a Friday in Lent

So I get it. Not everybody celebrates Lent as a religious occasion. Those who do take different approaches. Fair enough. However, religious preferences aside, it’s not unreasonable to expect that a seafood dish at a seafood restaurant will principally contain…. seafood. Right? Apparently, that isn’t the deal at Joe’s Crab Shack. Continue reading “Joe’s Crab Shack is bad at Lent”

Dairy Queen Brisket Street Tacos

Brisket Street Tacos at Dairy Queen

Why, oh beloved Dairy Queen, would you call something a street taco if you are using prefab hard taco shells? It is a waste of what is actually pretty good brisket. Why? The Dairy Queen brisket street tacos are, indeed, a giant exercise in, “Why?” Continue reading “Dairy Queen Brisket Street Tacos”

Cooper’s vs. Inman’s Kitchen Llano barbecue throwdown

Raising the lid on the barbecue pit at Cooper's. Inman's Kitchen serves from, you know, a kitchen. That is part of what makes Cooper's the best for Llano barbecue.
Raising the lid on the barbecue pit at Cooper’s. Inman’s Kitchen serves from, you know, a kitchen. That is part of what makes Cooper’s the best for Llano barbecue.

All Texans worthy of the name have, at some point, driven through Llano and eaten barbecue. It is simply what we do as a people. For those of you new to the area, welcome. My purpose here is to provide a guide to the two leading barbecue joints in the area so you can make an informed decision. Because OF COURSE you wouldn’t stop for a fast food hamburger for lunch. Both Cooper’s and Inman’s Kitchen provide excellent choices, and it is important for you to take sides. Seriously, this is the only thing my wife and I fight about. Llano barbecue is that important.

Continue reading “Cooper’s vs. Inman’s Kitchen Llano barbecue throwdown”

Marriott Residence Inn San Angelo, TX

The Marriott Residence Inn in San Angelo, TX is a great place to stay if you need extra space or intend to be in town for a while. Depending on the dates, it may be very near the same price as a much smaller property. I have prepared a complete video review with more details, but a few quick things stand out: Continue reading “Marriott Residence Inn San Angelo, TX”

Indian Cuisine San Angelo

Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I am in San Angelo, Texas, this weekend for a family event. I needed a place to eat that would be fairly easy, and I was torn between one of my old standards and trying something new. I wound up at something new, and Indian Cuisine Taste of the Himalayas did not disappoint. You should definitely check it out. Continue reading “Indian Cuisine San Angelo”