Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The unmarked entrance to Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.
The unmarked entrance to Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

If you go to Las Vegas very often, you will eventually find yourself wandering around looking for a snack. Rumor has long been that the Cosmopolitan has a secret pizza place. There is no advertising. There isn’t even a sign on the door. Intrigued, my friends and I went there one late night on our last trip. It turns out that Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is an amazing choice for a late night snack. They sell pizza by the slice with pretty much any toppings you want. Continue reading “Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas”

Starbucks ham and cheese croissant

Ham and cheese croissant at Starbucks

Last week, I wrote about the truly horrible idea which is the seared steak and egg wrap at Starbucks. Seriously, just say no. This morning, though, I found myself in Starbucks again and decided to make another go at one of their breakfast sandwiches. I tried the Starbucks ham and cheese croissant, and it was much better. The picture above is what it looks like in the display case. Continue reading “Starbucks ham and cheese croissant”

Starbucks Seared Steak, Egg, and Tomatillo Wrap

The steak, egg, and tomatillo wrap at Starbucks.

I admit it. I make mistakes. We all do. Still, there is no excuse for some mistakes in life. I, for example, am a native Texan who has spent 40 of my 43 years in Texas. Of the 3 years I spent living in that part of the planet called Not Texas, 2 were spent living in Mexico City. You would think that would mean that I would know better than to order a breakfast taco/burrito from Starbucks of all places. Weakness overcame me about a week ago, however, and I tried the Starbucks Seared Steak, Egg, and Tomatillo Wrap. Consider this post my apology for that mistake. Continue reading “Starbucks Seared Steak, Egg, and Tomatillo Wrap”

Dairy Queen Brisket Street Tacos

Brisket Street Tacos at Dairy Queen

Why, oh beloved Dairy Queen, would you call something a street taco if you are using prefab hard taco shells? It is a waste of what is actually pretty good brisket. Why? The Dairy Queen brisket street tacos are, indeed, a giant exercise in, “Why?” Continue reading “Dairy Queen Brisket Street Tacos”

La Burreria Odessa

If you have a taste for delicious burritos as breakfast or lunch, La Burreria may be your place. Located in East Odessa on Billy Hext just off 191, the menu is pretty simple: The have burritos, some of which can also be served as a somewhat smaller tacos. In addition to that, they have drinks and…. a place to sit. Here’s the thing, though: Mexican food restaurants pretty much follow the same rule as good barbecue. If they have spend too much money making it look good with a lot of fancy extras, then you are eating in the wrong place. Continue reading “La Burreria Odessa”