Oleksandra Spa review at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas

Treasure Island Oleksandra Spa hot tub area
The hot tub area in the men’s spa at the Oleksandra Spa in the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The steam room is in the background, although it was not working that day.

Earlier this month, I enjoyed a great stay at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I wrote about the petite suite earlier, and having such a nice room was a key part of the experience. However, for me a key part of the Vegas experience is getting away to the spa for a couple of hours. The Oleksandra Spa at TI is a great way to do that, although it looks to be in need of an update.

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Liberty of the Seas spa

I am currently onboard the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas sailing out of Galveston en route to Roatan, Honduras. I noted earlier that RCCL was having trouble with how their account balances displayed, and that problem seems to have resolved itself– I am now onboard and have received all of the packages and promotions I was expecting to receive. While I will publish my reviews of this trip over the next several weeks, I am trying to write as much as possible while still on board. Rather than the traditional style of travel blog reviewing a day or an entire cruise, I am going to review particular elements of this ship. Today I want to discuss the Liberty of the Seas spa.

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Spa at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach

I am writing this from the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. This is a lovely property which I will review separately later. However, while it is fresh on my mind I want to tell you a bit about their spa. It is a great facility, but there are a couple of quirks you want to be ready for before you come. Continue reading “Spa at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach”

Hilton Narita

Hilton Narita

Have you ever been to a place that wasn’t fantastic, but that was exactly what you needed for a particular occasion? That is an excellent description of what you get at the Hilton Hotel in Narita, Japan. It isn’t the nicest hotel in the world, but if you are staying there it is probably because you are in town for a night or two while flying through the Narita airport. Given those constraints, this slightly dated hotel is exactly what you need. Continue reading “Hilton Narita”

Westin Nusa Dua spa

The entire island of Bali is IN to spas. It is their thing. You can get 30 minutes of foot reflexology at the Denpasar airport in the domestic terminal for about 11 U.S. dollars, the Bali Collection mall had about a dozen (completely legitimate) massage parlors, and even collections of street vendors will have a massage therapist in their midst. None of this is at all seedy- it is simply what the island does. Amidst all of these options, it is hard to imagine a spa that does its work much better than that at the Westin Nusa Dua. Continue reading “Westin Nusa Dua spa”