Custom Reviews

Sometimes folks reach out to Dine Drink Travel and ask us to provide custom reviews. If you would like to do that, we have added a contact form to the bottom of this page. These requests come in two principal forms– people wanting us to cross-promote other blogs, and folks wanting our opinions on particular destinations or travel products. We always want to be clear on what our policies are, so here it is.

Two Rules for Dine Drink Travel custom reviews

First, the request that we review particular destinations or travel products. If we know something, we are happy to share it. If we don’t know something, we aren’t going to make it up. When you ask for our thoughts and we have something to contribute, please know that we are very likely to turn that into a blog post. We would love it if you would share that post far and wide.

If you want to pay for us to go somewhere or do something and write about it, we are absolutely willing to entertain that proposal. Just know that we will still write an honest review based on our perception of that experience. We would love to spend money that isn’t ours to travel and blog. If that ever happens, we will clearly post that as part of our review. Dine Drink Travel has built an audience based on being regular folks who review normal travel experience that married people with kids and mortgages and, you know, spouses, are likely to have. If we are doing a sponsored review we will certainly consider it, and we will disclose it.

Second, we fairly often receive requests to cross-promote posts on other blogs. We are also happy to entertain those requests. However, they have to be a good fit for our audience. We won’t fill this page up with a lot of junk that isn’t useful to our readers. There also has to be some sort of link or promotion of our page. You’d be surprised how often a simply blog based on regular people who travel gets random requests like this. We got one in May (and again in June) 2018 which asked us to promote a Tex Mex chicken taco recipe from New Zealand. Let’s set aside for a moment that we are from Texas. That makes us suspicious of Tex-Mex recipes from New Zealand. We don’t post unhelpful stuff clearly written by robots.

Our commitment to our readers

What we care about is helping folks find out more about interesting opportunities to dine, drink, and travel. This is probably going to be most useful to folks in situations similar to ours, but we are happy to share what we have experienced with whoever finds it useful. We won’t put anything here unless we think it is useful, and we will let you know when we spend money that isn’t ours on a review. Too many travel blogs become too cluttered with too much stuff. This is not that page. Thanks for being part of the Dine Drink Travel community.