Grub Burger Midland TX

There are several excellent places to get a burger in the Petroplex, but if what you are looking at is the quality of the food (while ignoring the price tag), Grub Burger in Midland is hard to beat. The burgers are always fantastic, not least because they make their own buns. As a bonus, there are great choices for anybody in your group who doesn’t want beef. The kids and I went today for lunch and it was, as always, fantastic. Continue reading “Grub Burger Midland TX”

Maya Key cruise excursion in Roatan, Honduras

We took the excursion to Maya Key and booked it through Royal Caribbean when we sailed on the Navigator of the Seas out of Galveston. This was a huge highlight of the trip for our family of four, and it is definitely worth considering. The major downside is that you experience nothing of the main island of Roatan. Maya Key makes up for it, however, in convenience, a beautiful spot, great snorkeling, and a fantastic lunch. Continue reading “Maya Key cruise excursion in Roatan, Honduras”

Cell service for travel to Asia

So I have a trip coming up where I will spend a couple of weeks in Japan and Indonesia. I have Verizon Wireless service in the U.S., and I am generally pretty happy with it– the network is much better than Sprint and T-Mobile for the places I am likely to be, somewhat better than AT&T here in the Petroplex, and the rates are competitive with AT&T. I also get an employer discount which is helpful. Verizon also has international travel options which work pretty well in most of the world. While a $10 a day charge is sometimes criticized as too expensive, it is awfully convenient and probably the best way to handle a reasonably short trip. Continue reading “Cell service for travel to Asia”