Garuda Indonesia Lounge Bali airport domestic terminal review

So I have been through some fairly sketchy places in my life- Abuja, Lagos, and Managua seem to stand out. For some reason, I was expecting pretty much the same thing when I went through the domestic terminal in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (DPS) recently. I was happily quite mistaken– it is an excellent modern terminal with everything I could want while preparing for a flight. Continue reading “Garuda Indonesia Lounge Bali airport domestic terminal review”

JAL Business Class from NRT to DFW

I started this blog a couple of months ago for the benefit of folks like me– married people with respectable lives and jobs and kids and spouses and mortgages– who just need to get out there and do something. There is also quite a bit on here (and will be more in the future) useful to business travelers, which it turns out I frequently am. I have traveled quite a bit over the last decade and a half, and things like taking a cruise in a suite, or flying long haul first class, or going to the spa in Bali or whatever will certainly spoil a person. I get physically uncomfortable when I fly in economy class for long periods of time, so I work real hard to avoid that. I recently had an experience which was absolutely comfortable–flying business class from Narita (NRT) to Dallas (DFW) in Japan Airlines (JAL) long haul business class in their Boeing 787-800 (788) Sky Suite configuration. At the same time, this wasn’t the sort of premium experience in some of the links above. I’m writing about it here for the benefit of those of you who need to go long distances (trans-Pacific, specifically) and need to be comfortable but who, like me, don’t normally have the money for super premium experiences. Continue reading “JAL Business Class from NRT to DFW”

JAL Good Sleep Service in Business Class Jakarta (CGK) to Narita (NRT)

Flying from Narita to Jakarta a week and a half earlier, I had the chance to experience Japan Airlines (JAL) long haul first class. It was quite the special treat, and I wanted to use miles to do the same for the return. Space never opened up, and at some point I quit looking- the return to Narita is an overnight flight on a Boeing 777, and as long as I have enough space to stretch out in I should be fine. Indeed, JAL calls this their “good sleep service,” and they did a nice job pulling it off. Continue reading “JAL Good Sleep Service in Business Class Jakarta (CGK) to Narita (NRT)”

Shuttle from Narita Terminal 2 to the Hilton and other local properties

Shortest post ever, folks. I have prepared a short video describing how to take the shuttle from Narita Terminal 2 to the Hilton Narita. The same basic logic applies for pretty much any other local hotel. Essentially, what you have to remember is this- go to post 26 for the Hilton shuttle, 31A for a local cab, and whatever other number is appropriate for your property. The video walks you through how to do it. Easy!

Westin Nusa Dua spa

The entire island of Bali is IN to spas. It is their thing. You can get 30 minutes of foot reflexology at the Denpasar airport in the domestic terminal for about 11 U.S. dollars, the Bali Collection mall had about a dozen (completely legitimate) massage parlors, and even collections of street vendors will have a massage therapist in their midst. None of this is at all seedy- it is simply what the island does. Amidst all of these options, it is hard to imagine a spa that does its work much better than that at the Westin Nusa Dua. Continue reading “Westin Nusa Dua spa”