Places We’ve Been

We live in Midland and Odessa, Texas, and we say a little more in the About Us page. That means that a lot of our posts are about the Petroplex— places we know and enjoy in our local area. There will, of course, be more of those posts over the coming months. We hope you will visit our hometowns, and we hope something here will help show you some places to check out.

Of course, we have been to a ton of other places as well. Texan Abroad took a trip in late 2016/early 2017 and wrote a lot about Narita (Japan), Jakarta (Indonesia) , and Bali (Indonesia). We are working to develop concentrations of material in the following places:

  • Galveston is a great vacation spot in its own right, and it is a fantastic departure point for cruises.
  • Speaking of, we have been on several Caribbean cruises and pretty much always have at least one more booked.
  • Las Vegas merits multiple trips per year by somebody working on this blog.

We don’t just write about places, of course. We talk about the airlines on which we have flown and the airports we have flown through, the hotels in which we have stayed, the travel preparations we have to make, the restaurants in which we have eaten, and occasionally even a trip to the spa. We write this blog, because we all have spouses and jobs and most of us have kids. We understand how hard it is to get out of the house to do something extra. We are writing this blog to help inspire you to do the same thing, and thanks for coming along and sharing our adventures¬† with us.