New Indian restaurant in Odessa

Taste of India restaurant sign
Sign outside the Taste of India restaurant in the Ramada Hotel in Odessa, TX.

I have good news for fans of curry disappointed by the closure of the Indian restaurant formerly located at the Grand Texan hotel in Midland (or the closure of the Thai places, or the general lack of curry options). The chef from the Midland establishment has opened up Taste of India inside the Ramada at the intersection of JBS Parkway and Highway 80 in Odessa. I have eaten there four times now, and while it isn’t my favorite curry house in the world, well, I have eaten there four times now. It is a great option to have in the area.

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Midland Odessa International Airport MAF

My home airport is the Midland Odessa International Airport. The “International” part has always confused me, although I suppose they might receive some private traffic from Mexico or Canada. The airport also wishes to be a spaceport, which is not immediately relevant to my travel needs. However, it is a fantastic regional airport and a great place to start or end a flight. See this short video if you want a walk through of the available facilities. Continue reading “Midland Odessa International Airport MAF”

La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant, Odessa, TX

We (my family with whoever else we were with at the time) ate at La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant twice in November, and I am upset with myself for only having been there once before. Don’t walk in expecting fancy, because fancy ain’t what they do. The service, while both pleasant and accurate, is also a little bit slow. However, one does not go to La Esperanza for fancy digs while an overpriced maitre’d brings him a warm towel with which to remove the soil from his delicate hands. One goes because the food is fantastic, and this trip was no exception. These two photos give you a pretty decent idea of what to expect: Continue reading “La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant, Odessa, TX”