You can see all of our posts about air travel here. We just started working on this page in April 2023, so give us a bit. For example, we hope you will enjoy our post about the best airline meal ever.

The three of us have very different preferences when flying. Bill is an Executive Platinum on American Airlines, and he will go to great lengths to fly first class. For example, he is taking an April trip for his day job where he is required to fly economy class. However, he used some systemwide upgrades to get into the front cabin. That means he was able to pre-order meals, so look for reviews of what American serves on midcon flights in first class. From time to time other flights are simply more convenient, though, so look for information about what is available on United and Southwest as well.

John loves Southwest, which he fondly calls the Greyhound of the Skies. Bless his heart. They do have a lot of nonstops from where we all live, though. More to the point, they serve Wild Turkey 101 and have frequent drink coupons.

John Brawley Tophat himself seems to have tripped whatever algorithm is required for every airline in America to hate him. Like, they hate him with a deep and burning passion. He was stuck for a week during the Southwest Christmas 2022 Meltdown. He wasn’t particularly angry though, because the things American has done to him are… unkind. None of us are convinced that United has planes which actually go places– at least not when he is on them.

Anyway, look for pieces here which talk about meals, drinks, airline lounges, and other things which help make up your travel experience. For example…

YouTube Videos of the Las Vegas Airport