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One of the excellent things American Airlines does for first class passengers is allow you to select your meal in advance. We have written before about the Hindu, Kosher, and Diabetic meals. Some of those choices have been weird, but it is great to actually have choices. This week I flew from Las Vegas (LAS) to Dallas (DFW) relatively early in the morning. It turns out the American Airlines breakfast is actually one of my favorite domestic first class meals.

What were the American Airlines breakfast options?

First things first. If you are flying in first class, you can log in to your reservation between 24 hours and 30 days in advance to choose a meal. American explains the process here. That means this isn’t an option for people who book or receive upgrades at the last minute. You can also select your meal on the plane, but there will only be two choices. They can and sometimes do run out of your preferred choice. I actually saw it happen on this flight. Log in and make your choice in advance.

On my flight, I was able to book a cheese omelet or the charcuterie plate in advance. Either came with fruit, a pre-packaged fig bar, and whatever you wanted to drink. Those were also the options on-board, although they ran out of charcuterie by row 2. In addition, American offers all of their special dietary options. You should know, however, that those options aren’t breakfast specific. That means you might, for example, wind up with a curry at breakfast depending on which special meal you order.

The fruit plate that comes with the American Airlines breakfast is actually pretty good.

So how is the food?

Before I start, let me start with my bias. I am that weirdo who actually likes airplane food. A lot of folks don’t, and I understand that. However, I am naturally inclined to think that things taste good. That was certainly true on this flight. American Airlines breakfast has for years included a fruit plate. I would rather that fruit plate be larger, but it looks pretty and tastes great.

The only real downside is that they used to do a hot bread service. It seems like this may have gone away in the name of that pre-packaged fig bar. I will try to remember to update this post if see something different on a later flight, but breakfast bread would be a nice addition.

The main course itself, however, was actually quite good. The cheese omelet with a bit of red pepper was something I would actually order in a restaurant. The roasted potatoes were actually nicely seasoned and properly cooked. There were the standard sachets of salt and pepper. This particular flight was an excellent service experience, and I enjoyed my meal.

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