Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

The view from the Tea Lounge at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. This non-gaming property offers beautiful views both inside and out.

We love to go to Las Vegas and gamble. We have a whole page of Las Vegas reviews, and a lot of our YouTube Shorts are about gambling rules. However, not every trip is about gambling. Sometimes we want a quieter and less crowded, and there are quite a few non-gaming hotels that try to provide that experience. One of the best is the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. The Waldorf is located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, and Bill stayed there last month. Wondering if a non-gaming property like this might be for you? In this post, we talk about the room, the hotel bar, the pool and spa, the unique high tea experience, and the very few potential downsides.

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Best Buffet in Las Vegas

What is the best buffet in Las Vegas? That is a tough choice, and it partially depends on what you want. However, the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars is hard to beat if you have the cash- and if you spring for a line pass.

Most of the people in our travel group are two-meal-a-day folks– particularly when we are in Vegas. Dinner is usually something upscale, and brunch is generally something less expensive which appeals to the whole group. That means we wind up at quite a few buffets, and we have reviewed a ton on them on our Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel buffets playlist. Which one, however, is the best buffet in Las Vegas? That is a tough question to answer. We may occasionally edit this post, but we have split them into four groups– the great, the good, the perfectly reasonable places to eat, and the places we wouldn’t care to repeat. As we look at each group, we will also talk about cost since that will absolutely drive part of your choice.

All the links below are to specific YouTube videos of these buffets. We promise we won’t ever make you watch us eat, and we try to make the videos short and focused enough to get you the information you need to make your travel plans without spending too much time watching irrelevant content.

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Best Steak on Fremont Street

Rib cap and lobster tail at Oscar’s in the Plaza Hotel. What do you think is the best steak on Fremont Street?

We have eaten at a lot of great steakhouses on the Las Vegas Strip. Prime, Heritage, Craftsteak, Gallagher’s, Carversteak, and Bavette’s are all strong options. Steak-adjacent places like Lawry’s Prime Rib and Morimoto are also a lot of fun, and over Labor Day we are eating at STK in the Cosmo and at SW at the Wynn. However, sometimes you just want the classic old-school cool of Downtown Las Vegas. So what is the best steak on Fremont Street? We have been to six places, and we liked them all. Ultimately, though, we split them up into three groups.

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Carnival bar menus with prices

Carnival bar menus always have a wide range of drinks covered by the drinks package. Pictured here is a martini at the Alchemy Bar on the Carnival Vista.

When deciding whether to get the drinks package (which Carnival calls Cheers), one of the questions is how much individual drinks cost. It isn’t that simple, of course. There is also the convenience of budgeting and paying in advance, and drinks packages typically include non-alcoholic specialty drinks as well. However, cost is obviously one of the considerations. In addition, it is good to start the cruise knowing where to find your favorite drinks. Happily, we have several Carnival bar menus from our July 2022 cruise on the Vista.

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Carnival MDR Menus 2022

We sailed on the Vista out of Galveston in July 2022. The Carnival MDR menus weren’t usually exciting, but we always found something we enjoyed eating. The no-extra charge steak was a particularly nice find.

We sailed on a 7 night cruise on the Carnival Vista in July 2022. We were a party of 9, and we wanted to be together for dinner every night. That made a standing early seating in the main dining room (MDR) a great choice. While the service was fine, it was a bit rushed due to lack of staff. The food seemed pretty ordinary, but there were always 1-2 solid choices every night. In this post, I want to share with you the Carnival MDR menus for each night of our cruise. I will also tell you when formal night was.

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