Bellagio Buffet for a quick meal in Las Vegas

The Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas.
The Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas isn’t as large as some, but it offers plenty of choices. Those choices are presented well.

When it first opened, the Bellagio buffet was probably the nicest one in Las Vegas. 15 or 20 years ago, I remember friends coming home and raving about it. It is still very good. There are plenty of choices, they are presented well, and everything is clean and in good order. Unfortunately, it is no longer one of the best in Las Vegas. Dine Drink Travel will review the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s in February, and the Wynn buffet also offers a lot more choices. The Bellagio buffet is a great place to get a quick meal, and it is perfect if you are already at the hotel. It just isn’t worth taking a special trip. This review covers a brunch I ate there with my wife last month. Continue reading “Bellagio Buffet for a quick meal in Las Vegas”