Royal Caribbean still doesn’t think there is a problem with negative balances

A little over a week ago, I wrote that Royal Caribbean was showing negative account balances in the “My Cruise Planner” section of their website in the amount of any additional purchases you had made for your cruise. Over the weekend, I reported that problem had still not been fixed. Today, I exchanged Twitter messages with Royal (having failed via phone or the passage of time to resolve the problem). The representative was perfectly polite and professional, but fundamentally failed to address the issue: The problem remains unresolved, nobody can explain how it happened, and nobody shows much urgency to fix it since it all looks OK on their end. Which is fine, until the error obviously manifesting itself at one point shows up somewhere else. Let’s look at the Twitter exchange with Royal:

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JAL Good Sleep Service in Business Class Jakarta (CGK) to Narita (NRT)

Flying from Narita to Jakarta a week and a half earlier, I had the chance to experience Japan Airlines (JAL) long haul first class. It was quite the special treat, and I wanted to use miles to do the same for the return. Space never opened up, and at some point I quit looking- the return to Narita is an overnight flight on a Boeing 777, and as long as I have enough space to stretch out in I should be fine. Indeed, JAL calls this their “good sleep service,” and they did a nice job pulling it off. Continue reading “JAL Good Sleep Service in Business Class Jakarta (CGK) to Narita (NRT)”

What to expect for international departing flights from Jakarta

Howdy, folks. I am writing this as I sit in the Pura Indah Lounge– the business class lounge Japan Airlines uses– in Jakarta airport (CGK). The process for getting into the airport seems just a but different than most of the other airports I have been in, so I wanted to let you know what to expect. The process is very similar for domestic flights departing from Terminal 3, although I focus here specifically on international flights from Terminal 2.

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