Norwegian Sky Cuba cruise next month!

For a kid who became aware of politics in the 80s and has since developed a thing for Caribbean cruising, Cuba is an interesting series of contradictions. It has always been inaccessible and often hostile. It also looks like a fantastic cruise port. I still hadn’t booked a big trip for the Summer, and then I noticed something big. Norwegian Sky Cuba cruises are on sale for next month. All of the rooms on this ship include a free open bar. I booked the July 2 sailing from Miami to Havana and Great Strirrup Cay, and I am beyond excited. Over the next six and a half weeks, I will keep you posted on the preparations involved in this cruise.

Let’s start with the booking experience. I have noted before that I was non-plussed with the customer service experience on Royal Caribbean. My expectations on this cruise are much lower, because I am booking a cheap room at the last minute. On Royal, I booked big suites way in advance. Still, the process of booking the cruise seemed straightforward enough. I quickly received a confirmation which had exactly the details I intended to book. I have an Oceanview guarantee cabin, and I have free open bar included, and am travelling alone. So far, so good.

At a glance, the NCL website seems easier to navigate than RCCL. The only real problem is that the shore excursions for both stops on this cruise are listed in the same place. NCL should separate them by destination. Other than that, however, it is easy to see all of the relevant details and make arrangements in advance. Online check in is open, and I will do that later today.

The Sky is a smaller, older ship than what I have sailed on with Royal Caribbean. However, that is typical for cruises to Cuba. We get to Havana the first full day, and we will stay overnight. I will take lots of pictures. Over the next month, I will let you know all of the details involved in planning a trip to Havana. You still have to certify, for example, that you are participating in a cultural exchange. I am excited about this trip. Subscribe below or check back often if you want to know the details. Anchors up!

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