Changes to MLife Royal Caribbean benefits

MLife Royal Caribbean benefits. We pulled this chart on 10 May 2018 to show the benefits elite MLife members can expect to receive on Royal Caribbean.
MLife Royal Caribbean benefits. We pulled this chart on 10 May 2018 to show the benefits elite MLife members can expect to receive on Royal Caribbean.

I wrote last year that I wasn’t particularly impressed with the casino on the Liberty of the Seas. Part of that problem was that I was expecting to receive MLife points which never showed up because I failed to read the fine print. My bad. It appears, however, the MLife Royal Caribbean relationship is now more straightforward. Full details are available from MLife, and we have tried to describe some of the key points here.

The first major change is that you no longer earn tier credits for onboard play. However, that isn’t a change for table game players. Platinum and Noir MLife members still receive a free cruise. That benefit has never been available to those with complimentary MLife status. Now, however, it explicitly is available to those who earn MLife status through on-property spending rather than gambling. The MLife website states clearly: “The length of the cruise benefit is based on recent MGM Resorts spend and gaming play.” That is great news for those of us who spring for nice suites at the Bellagio rather than gamble and hope to get one.

One change is a decided benefit. Many members– even at the Gold tier– now get an onboard credit as part of the deal. That is spelled out so that MLife Royal Caribbean passengers know what to expect. I value transparency, so kudos to both companies. It also appears that discounted rates are available. For example, a 7 day cruise next month in a Junior Suite on the Liberty of the Seas is $3788.10 on their website. Casino Royale offered me $3375.10 for the same cruise. That isn’t huge, but it certainly beats a kick in the pants. I am Gold in MLife.

I would love to read in the comments about any experiences with the new program. Happy sailing!


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  1. Earned mlife gold this year and, despite the hassle calling multiple times, I finally got them to add the obc. They also bumped me from pre-gold to gold with crown & anchor. Going to visit the casino on board to see what else is offered but I still haven’t received offers for discounted cruises etc… I believe we get a welcome gift too? Probably bottled water lol

    1. Let us know how that goes. I couldn’t have them add my MLife gold status this trip. Functionally, that meant I lost a plate of chocolate covered strawberries from the last cruise. I also had to pay a 5% transaction fee to get money in the casino this time.

      1. I’m curious why they wouldn’t add your status this trip 🙁 I will be sure to post an update… let me know if you want any content from the ship for your site, I love exploring so if you think of anything let me know and I’ll try to get it!

      2. Part of my challenge on this trip is that I honestly didn’t try all that hard. I was already in the Villa Suite, so I was already living the good life!

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