No Royal Caribbean MLife points for table play

I wrote earlier that I enjoyed the casino on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. There were some problems, but Casino Royale gave me a steeply discounted fare and the casino itself was a mostly pleasant experience. One of the attractive things about it was that the points I earned onboard would transfer to MLife, thus making it easier to retain status for the next year.  Just one little problem with that… There are no Royal Caribbean MLife points for table play.

I noticed about a month after the cruise that my points had not posted, so I emailed customer service for both companies. It turns out that my points HAD posted. The reason that I didn’t notice was that my points had only posted for my play on slot machines, and I don’t play a huge amount of slots. I did play many hours of blackjack, and I received the message that table game play on Royal Caribbean doesn’t earn MLife points. There is no complaint to be made here, because that is in their terms and conditions and they owe me nothing. It is, however, enormously frustrating and makes the partnership between those two organizations much less useful than it might otherwise be.

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