Norwegian Sky Video Review Deck by Deck

Pool area stage on the Norwegian Sky. They had a band playing for most of the day, and that added a lot to the atmosphere.
Pool area stage on the Norwegian Sky. They had a band playing for most of the day, and that added a lot to the atmosphere.

Dine Drink Travel sailed on the Norwegian Sky to Cuba earlier this month. We have already written about embarkation, the oceanview cabin, Le Bistro, and Cagney’s Steakhouse. We talked about the Norwegian upgrade process, and we have several more posts coming up. However, we have completed our videos of the ship. Today, I want to post the Norwegian Sky video review while talking just a little about the highlights of the trip. Because I don’t like having to watch one long video to find the thing I am looking for, I have provided several links below to videos concerning specific sections of the ship.

There are several things to think about concerning this ship. The size, the all-inclusive drinks package, and the dining options particularly stand out to me. The size and condition of the ship was particularly interesting to me. My last sailing had been on the Liberty of the Seas. That ship is more than twice the size and is significantly newer. However, at least for a short cruise like this I rarely felt crowded. The buffet was poorly laid out, and the pool could certainly get tight, but the other spaces were great. There were plenty of place to have a nice cocktail while I read my book.

Speaking of cocktails, that was another one of my concerns about this ship. Every adult passenger on board had an unlimited drinks package as part of the cruise. I was afraid that would make this too much of a booze cruise. Happily, that wasn’t a problem. Folks seemed to keep their drinking in line. The larger problem was that many of the popular cocktails were pre-mixed and often too sweet for my tastes. Happily, that was easily enough remedied by selecting a different free drink.

The only real concern (in the first world problems sense of the word) was that the food was pretty bland. The buffet was laid out poorly, and the choices weren’t particularly appealing. The main dining room was fine and with excellent service, but not anything special. The specialty restaurants tended to be pretty good, but not amazing. Don’t get me wrong– the food on this cruise wasn’t bad at all. It just didn’t feel like anything special.

So would I go on this cruise again? Absolutely. The service was lovely, the ship was great, and the prices were low. There were some imperfect things, but it is hard to be upset when you have a free drink by the pool deck. See the Norwegian Sky video review below to learn more about this ship. Happy travels!

Norwegian Sky video review deck by deck

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