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Dine Drink Travel cruised the Liberty of the Seas in 2017. I have already written about the grand suite, the spa, the casino, the suite lounge, and many other areas of the ship. However, a large group of us is preparing to cruise this ship again in 2019. As we prepare for that trip, I created a Youtube list to let you see the public spaces of the ship deck by deck. This should help you quickly find what you are looking for. In addition to our Liberty of the Seas video review, let me spend a couple of minutes here describing some of the highlights of the ship which I did not cover earlier.

Two things really stood out to me. I had several great spots to grab a cocktail, and the water park on decks 12 and 13 was amazing. Let me start with the bars. We sailed on the Navigator of the Seas in 2015, and that ship has a very similar layout. On that ship, my favorite spot was the Sky Bar. That bar was perched above the pool, and I have a Brazilian bartender who made an excellent mojito. On this cruise, I particularly enjoyed Olive or Twist. While I don’t have great video on it, I do have a still photo below of the view. The video of the Royal Promenade shows Vintages Wine Bar and the Hoof and Claw Pub. Vintages was my favorite date spot with my wife, because wine is her drink. I enjoyed the ambiance in Hoof and Claw, although this would have been better for beer drinkers.

The view forward from the Olive or Twist bar. We were unable to get good fottage for our Liberty of the Seas video review, but this was an excellent spot for cocktails.

The other thing which really stood out to me about this ship was the water features. The picture above shows the splash pad area for children. It was amazing. There is also, of course, a regular pool. However, the thing which makes this ship truly different is the water park on deck 13. We have a great video of that space. It includes two water slides, an insane inner tube ride, and the Flowrider. Each of those options is a delightful way to spend the day. Protip– bring a swimsuit in your carry on and try to get on those rides while still in Galveston. The lines will be shorter.

I hope this video compilation will be useful. We will certainly add to it when we cruise again on this ship next year. Rather than watching long reviews, I like watching shorter videos which help me quickly find what I am looking for. That is what I tried to do here. Happy sailing!

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